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Politics, government, public policy

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High-resolution photo of Samer  Alatout

Alatout, Samer

Associate professor, community and environmental sociology & Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Middle East and Israeli-Palestinian conflict, American foreign policy in Middle East, global environmental policy and politics, environmental security

High-resolution photo of Lawrence M. Berger

Berger, Lawrence M.

Professor, School of Social Work; Director, Institute for Research on Poverty

Expert on the economic resources, sociodemographic characteristics, and public policies affecting parental behaviors and child and family well-being

High-resolution photo of Vicki M. Bier

Bier, Vicki M.

Professor, industrial and systems engineering; director, Center for Human Performance and Risk Analysis

Expert on risk analysis and decision analysis, as applied to nuclear power safety, homeland security and critical-infrastructure protection

High-resolution photo of Harry  Brighouse

Brighouse, Harry

Professor, philosophy; affiliate professor, educational policy studies

Political and moral philosopher with expertise on education and family policy

High-resolution photo of Barry  C. Burden

Burden, Barry C.

Professor, political science

Expert on American politics

High-resolution photo of David  Canon

Canon, David

Professor, political science

Expert on U.S. Congress, legislative redistricting, and racial representation.

High-resolution photo of Joanne  Cantor

Cantor, Joanne

Professor emerita, communication arts; director, Center for Communication Research

Expert on the psychological impact of the media (including digital devices) on the emotions and thoughts of children and adults

High-resolution photo of Russ  Castronovo

Castronovo, Russ

Professor, English and American studies

American culture and literature

High-resolution photo of Brian D. Christens

Christens, Brian D.

Associate professor, human ecology; faculty director, Center for Community & Nonprofit Studies

Expert on processes of community change

High-resolution photo of Katherine (Kathy) J. Cramer

Cramer, Katherine (Kathy) J.

Int. Director, Morgridge Center for Public Service; professor, poli sci; affiliate: J School, LaFollette, Forestry

Expert on civic engagement and political participation, student engagement, public opinion, racial dialogue, political discussion, deliberation, political communication

High-resolution photo of Calvin B. DeWitt

DeWitt, Calvin B.

Professor, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Expert on land stewardship, purchased development rights, local government environmental policy, wetland ecology, environmental stewardship, faith-based stewardship

High-resolution photo of Walter J. Dickey

Dickey, Walter J.

Emeritus professor, law

Criminal law, sentencing, specialized courts

High-resolution photo of Donald A.  Downs

Downs, Donald A.

Professor, political science, law and journalism

Expert on constitutional law, criminal law, civil liberties, academic freedom, free speech and military-university relations

High-resolution photo of Robert  Drechsel

Drechsel, Robert

Professor, journalism and mass communication

Expert on media law, particularly libel, privacy, access to information and First Amendment; secondary expertise in media ethics

High-resolution photo of Dennis L. Dresang

Dresang, Dennis L.

Professor emeritus, political science, La Follette School of Public Affairs

Expert on state and local politics, public management

High-resolution photo of Sharon  Dunwoody

Dunwoody, Sharon

Professor, journalism and mass communication

Expert on public understanding of science, particularly the role of science, environment and health messages in mass media

High-resolution photo of Steven N. Durlauf

Durlauf, Steven N.

William F. Vilas Research Professor and Kenneth J. Arrow Professor of Economics

Expert on economics, economic growth, poverty, inequality, business cycles, crime, public policy, social science methodology

High-resolution photo of Joseph (Joe) W. Elder

Elder, Joseph (Joe) W.

Professor, sociology, languages and cultures of Asia, integrated liberal studies

Expert on South Asia and West Asia

High-resolution photo of Katja  Favretto

Favretto, Katja

Assistant professor, political science

Expert on U.S. foreign policy, war, mediation and intervention in international disputes

High-resolution photo of Myra  Marx Ferree

Ferree, Myra Marx

Professor, sociology

Comparative studies of gender and politics, especially European and American feminist movements

High-resolution photo of Keith A. Findley

Findley, Keith A.

Assistant Professor of Law; co-director, Wisconsin Innocence Project; president, Innocence Network

Expert on criminal appeals, post-conviction review and wrongful convictions

High-resolution photo of Edward   Friedman

Friedman, Edward

Professor emeritus, political science

Expert on Chinese politics, US-Asian relations, international political economy, democratization

High-resolution photo of Robert Eric Frykenberg

Frykenberg, Robert Eric

Professor emeritus, history, South Asian studies

Expert in South Asia (India): cultures, governance, history, peoples, public affairs, religions, societies, Christianity and Hindu fundamentalism

High-resolution photo of Lucas  Graves

Graves, Lucas

Assistant professor, journalism & mass communication

Expert on new media and fact-checking in journalism and politics

High-resolution photo of Robert  Haveman

Haveman, Robert

Professor emeritus, economics and La Follette School of Public Affairs

Expert in the economics of social and poverty policy and the application of benefit-cost analysis

High-resolution photo of Pamela  Herd

Herd, Pamela

Associate professor, public affairs and sociology

Expert on social welfare policies, including Social Security, Medicare, and long term care policies

High-resolution photo of Diana  Hess

Hess, Diana

Dean, School of Education; Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

Expert on democratic education, social studies teaching and learning, the inclusion of controversial political and legal issues in schools

High-resolution photo of Karen C. Holden

Holden, Karen C.

Professor emerita, consumer science and public affairs

Expert on the economic status of the older population and on financial literacy

High-resolution photo of Jack R. Huddleston

Huddleston, Jack R.

Professor, urban and regional planning

Expertise in local government finance, development finance, energy analysis and policy, regional economic development

High-resolution photo of Julia B. Isaacs

Isaacs, Julia B.

Visiting scholar, Institute for Research on Poverty; senior fellow at the Urban Institute

Expert on poverty, child and family policy, and economic mobility

High-resolution photo of Harvey M. Jacobs

Jacobs, Harvey M.

Professor, urban and regional planning; professor, Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Expert on private property rights, social conflict over public regulation of property, public policy for private property (e.g. zoning)

High-resolution photo of Miranda  Johnson

Johnson, Miranda

Assistant professor, history, American Indian studies

Expert on indigenous issues, especially in Australia, Canada and New Zealand

High-resolution photo of Stephen  Kantrowitz

Kantrowitz, Stephen

Professor, history; affiliated faculty, American Indian Studies

Expert on 19th-century U.S. politics, slavery, reconstruction and white supremacy

High-resolution photo of Nam C. Kim

Kim, Nam C.

Assistant professor, anthropology

Expert on Vietnamese prehistory, ancient warfare and the formation of ancient state-level societies

High-resolution photo of Daniel Lee Kleinman

Kleinman, Daniel Lee

Professor and chair, community and environmental sociology

Expert in science and technology policy; the knowledge economy

High-resolution photo of Chris  Kucharik

Kucharik, Chris

Professor, agronomy and Nelson Institute Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment

Expert on agroecosystems, agroclimatology, soil carbon sequestration, ecological modeling, water resources, climate change, and extreme weather

High-resolution photo of Andrew H.  Kydd

Kydd, Andrew H.

Professor, Political Science

Expert on international relations, especially international security topics such as war and peace, nuclear weapons, terrorism and conflict resolution

High-resolution photo of James  A. LaGro Jr.

LaGro Jr., James A.

Professor, urban and regional planning, Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Expert on urban planning and design, land use policy, and sustainably built environments

High-resolution photo of Sida  Liu

Liu, Sida

Assistant professor, sociology and law

Expert on the sociology of law, professions, and contemporary Chinese society

This expert does not have a headshot on file

Lopez, Lori Kido

Assistant Professor

Expert within media studies on representations of minorities and media activism