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High-resolution photo of Chris  Kucharik

Kucharik, Chris

Professor, agronomy and Nelson Institute Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment

Expert on agroecosystems, agroclimatology, soil carbon sequestration, ecological modeling, water resources, climate change, and extreme weather

High-resolution photo of Gerald L. Kulcinski

Kulcinski, Gerald L.

Associate dean for research, engineering; director, Fusion Technology Institute

Expert on the design of magnetic/inertial fusion reactors, nuclear materials, space technology, and environmental effects of nuclear energy

High-resolution photo of Carrie A.M. Laboski

Laboski, Carrie A.M.

Associate professor, soil science and civil and environmental engineering

Expert on economically and environmentally sustainable soil fertility/nutrient management programs for field and forage crops

High-resolution photo of James  A. LaGro Jr.

LaGro Jr., James A.

Professor, urban and regional planning, Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Expert on urban planning and design, land use policy, and sustainably built environments

High-resolution photo of Richard C. Lathrop

Lathrop, Richard C.

UW-Madison honorary fellowships: Center for Limnology, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Experience with water quality, eutrophication, restoration and management of lakes; nonpoint pollution; and climate change impacts in Wisconsin

High-resolution photo of Joe  Lauer

Lauer, Joe

Professor, agronomy

Expert on corn production, transgenic crops and cropping systems in the Midwest U.S.

High-resolution photo of Carol  Lee

Lee, Carol

Associate professor, zoology; Center of Rapid Evolution; trainer in genetics

Research focuses on evolutionary and physiological mechanisms that enable organisms to invade new environments

High-resolution photo of Richard  Lindroth

Lindroth, Richard

Professor, entomology; adjunct professor, zoology

Expertise in ecological effects of climate change, insect pests of deciduous forests, general ecology

High-resolution photo of Patty  Loew

Loew, Patty

Professor, life sciences communication

Expert on visual communication

High-resolution photo of Steven P. Loheide

Loheide, Steven P.

Assistant professor, civil and environmental engineering

Expert in hydroecology, water in the environment

High-resolution photo of Robert (Bob) D. Lorenz

Lorenz, Robert (Bob) D.

Professor, mechanical engineering; co-director, Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC)

Design and control of electrical motor drives: "E-Drives," used in hybrid vehicles

High-resolution photo of Fred  Madison

Madison, Fred

Professor, soil science, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey

Expert on impacts of agriculture on environment; animal waste management; impacts of agriculture on surface- and groundwater

High-resolution photo of John J. Magnuson

Magnuson, John J.

Professor emeritus, zoology and limnology

Aquatic ecologist and limnologist, trained in fish and fisheries ecology, taught ecology of fishes and limnology

High-resolution photo of Jonathan E. Martin

Martin, Jonathan E.

Professor and chair, atmospheric and oceanic sciences

Expert on mid-latitude weather systems: snowstorms, severe thunderstorms, can comment on climate change and global warming

High-resolution photo of Brent H. McCown

McCown, Brent H.

Professor, horticulture; associated faculty, Nelson Institute and Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

Propagation, breeding, growth and production of woody perennial horticultural crops including fruits and ornamentals (shrubs and trees)

High-resolution photo of Margaret Jean McFall-Ngai

McFall-Ngai, Margaret Jean

Professor, medical microbiology and immunology

Expert on the role of beneficial bacteria in animal health and disease; the "design" of light-interacting tissues

High-resolution photo of Katherine  McMahon

McMahon, Katherine

Associate professor, civil and environmental engineering, bacteriology

Expert in microbial ecology, limnology, water quality, wastewater treatment, environmental genomics, ecosystem microbiology

High-resolution photo of David  Mickelson

Mickelson, David

Emeritus professor, geology and geophysics

Expert on glacial deposits and shoreline processes

High-resolution photo of David J. Mladenoff

Mladenoff, David J.

Professor, conservation, forest and wildlife ecology

Ecology and sustainability of forests, effects of climate change, forest management and carbon sequestration

High-resolution photo of Alfonso   Morales

Morales, Alfonso

Associate professor, urban and regional planning

Expert on public markets, entrepreneurship and business formation, urban agriculture

High-resolution photo of Lisa  Naughton

Naughton, Lisa

Professor and Chair, Geography

Expert on biodiversity conservation, land use and protected areas in tropics, protecting rain forests to slow climate change

High-resolution photo of Gregory  Nemet

Nemet, Gregory

Associate professor, La Follette School of Public Affairs and Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Greg's research looks at how to expand access to energy services while reducing environmental impacts.

High-resolution photo of Daniel R. Noguera

Noguera, Daniel R.

Professor, civil and environmental engineering

Expert in biological wastewater treatment, activated sludge, nutrient removal, energy recovery from waste, next generation biofuels.

High-resolution photo of Michael  Notaro

Notaro, Michael

Associate scientist and associate director, Center for Climatic Research

Expert on climate change and its impact on vegetation, vegetation-climate interactions, regional-global climate modeling, Great Lakes and lake-effect snow

High-resolution photo of Peter (Pete)  Nowak

Nowak, Peter (Pete)

Professor, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Expert in the complex relations between Wisconsin agriculture and soil and water resources

High-resolution photo of Brian W. Ohm

Ohm, Brian W.

Professor and chair, urban and regional planning

Expert on land use and planning law

High-resolution photo of Susan M. Paskewitz

Paskewitz, Susan M.

Professor, entomology

Expert on biology and control of insects that transmit human and animal diseases, including malaria, West Nile virus, Lyme disease

High-resolution photo of Joel A. Pedersen

Pedersen, Joel A.

Associate professor, soil science, civil and environmental engineering

Expert on organic contaminants, prions and nanoparticles in the environment

High-resolution photo of Phillip  Pellitteri

Pellitteri, Phillip

Faculty associate, entomology

Expert in insect identification and insect and tick biology

High-resolution photo of Grant W. Petty

Petty, Grant W.

Professor, atmospheric science

Expert on satellite remote sensing of the atmosphere and atmospheric radiative transfer

High-resolution photo of Anna  Pidgeon

Pidgeon, Anna

Assistant professor, forest and wildlife ecology

Expert on avian ecology, conservation and Wisconsin wildlife

High-resolution photo of Warren P. Porter

Porter, Warren P.

Professor, zoology

Expert on climate change effects on animals, subtle biological effects of pesticides and early detection of infection

High-resolution photo of Kenneth W. Potter

Potter, Kenneth W.

Professor, civil and environmental engineering

Expert on flooding and storm water management

High-resolution photo of Volker C. Radeloff

Radeloff, Volker C.

Associate professor, forest and wildlife ecology

Expert on conservation biology, threats to biodiversity by land use and especially housing development, wildland fire

High-resolution photo of Douglas J. Reinemann

Reinemann, Douglas J.

Professor, biological systems engineering

Expert on rural energy, energy sustainability (renewable and bio-energy), milking, stray voltage

High-resolution photo of Matt  Ruark

Ruark, Matt

Assistant professor, soil science

Expert in agricultural nutrient recommendations, nitrogen and phosphorus losses

High-resolution photo of Scott A. Sanford

Sanford, Scott A.

Senior outreach specialist, biological systems engineering

Expert on energy conservation for agricultural enterprises, renewable energy, biomass energy

High-resolution photo of James  Schauer

Schauer, James

Professor, civil and environmental engineering

Expert on air quality and air pollution, characterization of emissions from air pollution sources

High-resolution photo of Bret R. Shaw

Shaw, Bret R.

Associate Professor, Life Sciences Communication; Environmental Communicatoin Specialist, UW-Extension

Expert on social marketing and communication related to environmental campaigns, eHealth for disease management

High-resolution photo of Janet  Silbernagel

Silbernagel, Janet

Professor, landscape architecture, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Specialist in regional conservation strategies,landscape ecology, scenario building, & spatial analysis