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High-resolution photo of Philipp  Simon

Simon, Philipp

Professor, horticulture

Expert on plant breeding and genetics

High-resolution photo of Kurt K. Sladky

Sladky, Kurt K.

Assistant professor and section head, zoological medicine, surgical sciences

Expert in zoological medicine (zoo animals, wildlife and non-domestic pets) and conservation medicine (ecosystem and global health)

High-resolution photo of Elliott   Sober

Sober, Elliott

Professor, philosophy; affiliate professor, educational policy studies

Philosophy of science, particularly concerning evolutionary biology and probability

High-resolution photo of Rodney  Stevenson

Stevenson, Rodney

Professor, business, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Expert on public utility regulation and energy policy

High-resolution photo of Stephanie  Tai

Tai, Stephanie

Associate professor, law school

I study the interaction between scientific research and environmental law and food safety regulation.

High-resolution photo of Stanley A. Temple

Temple, Stanley A.

Professor emeritus, forest and wildlife ecology, environmental studies

Expert on birds, wildlife, endangered species, wildlife conservation, biodiversity, conservation biology, ecology and Aldo Leopold

High-resolution photo of Michael G. Thomas

Thomas, Michael G.

Associate professor, bacteriology

Expert on developing new antibiotics using metabolic engineering of bacteria, and the identification of new antibiotics using nontraditional approaches

High-resolution photo of Clifford  Thurber

Thurber, Clifford

Professor and chair, geoscience

Expert on earthquakes and fault zones; volcanoes; and seismic monitoring of nuclear explosions

High-resolution photo of Philip A. Townsend

Townsend, Philip A.

Associate professor, forest ecology

Expert on satellite remote sensing, forest ecosystem dynamics and watershed processes

High-resolution photo of Adrian  Treves

Treves, Adrian

Associate professor, environmental studies

Expert on coexistence and conflicts between people and wildlife in Wisconsin and worldwide

High-resolution photo of Timothy  R.  Van Deelen

Van Deelen, Timothy R.

Assistant professor, forest and wildlife ecology

Expert in conservation and management of large mammals in the Great Lakes region (e.g., deer, wolves and black bears)

High-resolution photo of Jake   Vander Zanden

Vander Zanden, Jake

Associate professor, zoology, Center for Limnology

Aquatic ecologist, limnologist, conservation biologist

High-resolution photo of Christopher  Velden

Velden, Christopher

Senior researcher, Space Science and Engineering Center

Expert on hurricane research, and environmental satellite techniques/applications to tropical cyclones

High-resolution photo of Donald M. Waller

Waller, Donald M.

Professor of botany, environmental studies

Expert in ecology, evolutionary biology, conservation biology and biodiversity policy

This expert does not have a headshot on file

Walsh, Patrick

Professor, biological systems engineering

Attorney and engineer with expertise in energy and environmental policy

High-resolution photo of Pao  Wang

Wang, Pao

Professor, atmospheric and oceanic sciences

Expert in atmospheric physics

High-resolution photo of Michel A. Wattiaux

Wattiaux, Michel A.

Professor, dairy science

Expert in link between nutrition and environmental impact of dairy cattle, scholarship of teaching and learning, international dairy agriculture

High-resolution photo of John (Jack) W. Williams

Williams, John (Jack) W.

Professor, geography; director, Center for Climatic Research

Expert on global warming and ecological responses to climate change, past and future

High-resolution photo of Paul H. Williams

Williams, Paul H.

Professor emeritus, plant pathology; director, Wisconsin Fast Plants Program and Rapid Cycling Brassica Collection

Use of special plants as teaching vehicles in school and college, and in plants for research.

High-resolution photo of Paul P.H. Wilson

Wilson, Paul P.H.

Professor, engineering physics

Expert on sustainable nuclear energy, energy policy, radiation transport in nuclear systems

High-resolution photo of Joy B. Zedler

Zedler, Joy B.

Professor, botany; director of research, UW Arboretum

Expert on wetland restoration and ecology, reestablishment of native plants, and the interaction of native and exotic species

High-resolution photo of Paul H. Zedler

Zedler, Paul H.

Professor, environmental studies; senior scientist, UW Arboretum

Pure and applied plant community and population ecology and related environmental topics

High-resolution photo of Toni E. Ziegler

Ziegler, Toni E.

Senior scientist, Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

Expert on neuroendocrinology of male parental care in primates and on methods to measure neurologically active hormones