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Proteins, structure and function

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High-resolution photo of Richard R. Burgess

Burgess, Richard R.

Professor emeritus, oncology

Expert on protein purification, regulation of gene expression, history and development of biotechnology business in Madison

High-resolution photo of Nansi  Colley

Colley, Nansi

Professor, Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, McPherson Eye Research Institute

Expert on the molecular/genetics of protein trafficking and retinal diseases such as age-related macular degeneration.

High-resolution photo of Srinivasan  Damodaran

Damodaran, Srinivasan

Professor, food science

Expert on food science, protein chemistry, dairy chemistry, hydrogels

High-resolution photo of James L. Keck

Keck, James L.

Associate professor, biomolecular chemistry

Expert in X-ray crystallography, protein structure and mechanism, DNA replication and protein/protein interactions

High-resolution photo of John L. Markley

Markley, John L.

Professor, biochemistry; head, National Magnetic Resonance Facility, Madison; head, BioMagResBank

Expert on biochemical and biomedical applications of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

High-resolution photo of Julie C. Mitchell

Mitchell, Julie C.

Professor, mathematics, biochemistry; director, BACTER Institute

Expert on the structural basis of molecular recognition, including proteins and DNA/RNA

High-resolution photo of Ronald T. Raines

Raines, Ronald T.

Professor, biochemistry, chemistry

Expert on enzymology and protein chemistry

High-resolution photo of Ivan  Rayment

Rayment, Ivan

Professor, biochemistry

Expert in protein structure and function with extensive knowledge of muscle and molecular motor function


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