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English (language)

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High-resolution photo of Cecilia  E. Ford

Ford, Cecilia E.

Professor, English and sociology

Expert on sociolinguistics, specializing in conversation analysis, gender and language, and the uses of language in spoken interaction

High-resolution photo of Joan Houston Hall

Hall, Joan Houston

Chief editor, Dictionary of American Regional English; senior scientist, English

Expert on the American English language and its regional and social dialects

This expert does not have a headshot on file

Purnell, Thomas C.

Associate professor, English

Expert on sounds of human languages, specifically regional and ethnic pronunciation and differences by social groups

High-resolution photo of Robin  Valenza

Valenza, Robin

Associate professor, English

Expert on 18th- and 19th-century British literature and culture, history of academic disciplines, digital humanities, graphic novel, 20th/21st-century comic books

High-resolution photo of Anja  Wanner

Wanner, Anja

Professor, English

Expert on the English language (grammar, standards, genres, academic writing, spelling, language change, language use on Internet)

High-resolution photo of Richard F. Young

Young, Richard F.

Professor, English

Expert on foreign language-learning in adults and bilingualism