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High-resolution photo of Craig A. Albers

Albers, Craig A.

Associate professor, educational psychology; principal investigator, WCER; chair, prevention sciences Program

Expert on educating students classified as English language learners; expert on prevention and early intervention education programs

High-resolution photo of Martha W. Alibali

Alibali, Martha W.

Professor, psychology

Expert on cognitive development, mathematics learning and gesture

High-resolution photo of Lori S. Anderson

Anderson, Lori S.

Clinical Professor, School of Nursing

Expert on school health and school nursing and on school-age children with chronic health conditions and their families.

High-resolution photo of Michael W. Apple

Apple, Michael W.

Professor, curriculum and instruction, and educational policy studies

Expert on the effects and politics of educational reform

High-resolution photo of Lori L. Bakken

Bakken, Lori L.

Associate Professor, Civil Society & Community Studies; Evaluation Specialist, UW Extension, Cooperative Extension

Expert in program development and evaluation in adult and professional education, medical education and nonprofit services

High-resolution photo of Aydin   Bal

Bal, Aydin

Assistant professor, rehabilitation psychology, special education

Expert on the role of culture in special education identification and services

High-resolution photo of Amy  Bellmore

Bellmore, Amy

Assistant professor, educational psychology

Expert on adolescent peer relationships

This expert does not have a headshot on file

Berland, Matthew

Assistant professor, digital media, curriculum & instruction

Expert on how people learn with and about computer science and engineering.

High-resolution photo of James (Jake)  Blanchard

Blanchard, James (Jake)

Professor, engineering physics; chair, Energy Institute

Expert on fusion reactor technology, nuclear batteries, instructional technology

High-resolution photo of Michael N. Bleicher

Bleicher, Michael N.

Professor emeritus, mathematics

Expert in mathematics: number theory and geometry, math education, standards and in-service training

High-resolution photo of Geoffrey D. Borman

Borman, Geoffrey D.

Professor, educational leadership and policy analysis, educational psychology and educational policy studies

Expert on K-12 education policy, applied statistics and research methods

High-resolution photo of Harry  Brighouse

Brighouse, Harry

Professor, philosophy; affiliate professor, educational policy studies

Political and moral philosopher with expertise on education and family policy

High-resolution photo of Aaron  Brower

Brower, Aaron

Provost, UW-Extension; Special Assistant to the President, University of Wisconsin System; Professor, social work;

Expert on educational innovations; competency-based education; college student success and transition to college; college drinking; college student learning; small-group

High-resolution photo of B. Bradford    Brown

Brown, B. Bradford

Professor, educational psychology

Expert on social development during the teenage years

This expert does not have a headshot on file

Bullock, Erika C.

Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Expert on equity in mathematics and STEM education, African American students in mathematics, mathematics and STEM curriculum and policy

High-resolution photo of Colleen  Capper

Capper, Colleen

Professor; Co-Director of National Leadership for Social Justice Institute

Expert on equity issues in K-12 schools

High-resolution photo of Bradley  Carl

Carl, Bradley

Associate director and researcher, Value-Added Research Center

Expert on district/school accountability systems, "early warning" systems to identify students at risk, and educator evaluation systems.

High-resolution photo of Mark R. Connolly

Connolly, Mark R.

Associate Research Scientist, Wisconsin Center for Education Research

Studies college teaching, postsecondary faculty, academic careers, and student learning at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

High-resolution photo of Clifton  F. Conrad

Conrad, Clifton F.

Professor, educational leadership and policy analysis

Higher education expert on equal educational opportunity and curriculum (student learning) at both the undergraduate and graduate levels

High-resolution photo of Katherine (Kathy) J. Cramer

Cramer, Katherine (Kathy) J.

Int. Director, Morgridge Center for Public Service; professor, poli sci; affiliate: J School, LaFollette, Forestry

Expert on civic engagement and political participation, student engagement, public opinion, racial dialogue, political discussion, deliberation, political communication

High-resolution photo of Sharon  Dunwoody

Dunwoody, Sharon

Professor, journalism and mass communication

Expert on public understanding of science, particularly the role of science, environment and health messages in mass media

High-resolution photo of Steven N. Durlauf

Durlauf, Steven N.

William F. Vilas Research Professor and Kenneth J. Arrow Professor of Economics

Expert on economics, economic growth, poverty, inequality, business cycles, crime, public policy, social science methodology

High-resolution photo of Robert D. Enright

Enright, Robert D.

Professor, educational psychology

Social science study of forgiveness

High-resolution photo of Joan L. Ershler

Ershler, Joan L.

Program director, Waisman Early Childhood Program

Expert on early childhood development and education, services to young children with special needs

High-resolution photo of David Joseph Gagnon

Gagnon, David Joseph

Mobile Learning Lab Program Manager, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Expert on mobile educational video games

High-resolution photo of Peter Trabert Goff

Goff, Peter Trabert

Assistant professor, educational leadership and policy analysis

Expert on K-12 educational policy, leadership evaluation and development, talent and human capital management in education, hiring and selection practices

High-resolution photo of Daniel  Gold

Gold, Daniel

Director, International Academic Programs

Expert on study abroad and international education

High-resolution photo of Beth  Graue

Graue, Beth

Chair and Sorenson Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Expert on kindergarten practice, readiness, class size reduction, home-school relations

High-resolution photo of C. Shawn  Green

Green, C. Shawn

Assistant professor, psychology

Expert on learning and transfer, in particular the effects of video gaming on perception and cognition

High-resolution photo of Eric  Grodsky

Grodsky, Eric

Associate professor, sociology and educational policy studies

Expert on inequality in higher edcucation

High-resolution photo of Madeline M. Hafner

Hafner, Madeline M.

Associate Scientist, Wisconsin Center for Education Research

Expert on racial disparities in educational access and outcomes, closing opportunity gaps, equity-focused leadership, and research-practice partnerships.

High-resolution photo of Erica Rosenfeld Halverson

Halverson, Erica Rosenfeld

Assistant professor, curriculum & instruction

Expert on identity development and literacy learning through the study of youth-produced autobiographical art including films, plays and digital stories

High-resolution photo of Richard  Halverson

Halverson, Richard

Associate professor, educational leadership and policy analysis

Expert on K-12 school instructional leadership, technologies in education, and data-driven decision-making in schools

High-resolution photo of Michelle A. Harris

Harris, Michelle A.

Associate faculty associate, Biocore

Specialist in undergraduate biology instruction and K-12 outreach

High-resolution photo of Jamie  Henke

Henke, Jamie

Distinguished Faculty Associate, Division of Continuing Studies

Expert in music theory and pedagogy, teaching and technology

High-resolution photo of Diana  Hess

Hess, Diana

Dean, School of Education; Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

Expert on democratic education, social studies teaching and learning, the inclusion of controversial political and legal issues in schools

High-resolution photo of Nicholas  Hillman

Hillman, Nicholas

Assistant professor, educational leadership and policy; affiliate, WI Center for the Advancement of Educ. (WISCAPE)

Expert on higher education finance and student financial aid policy.

High-resolution photo of Matthew T. Hora

Hora, Matthew T.

Assistant scientist, Wisconsin Center for Education Research

Expert on data use and curriculum design in postsecondary institutions; alignment between workforce and postsecondary curriculum; organizational change; STEM education.

High-resolution photo of Edward  Hubbard

Hubbard, Edward

Assistant professor, educational psychology

Expert on human brain functions, brain development, perception and cognition, and brain imaging

High-resolution photo of Jerlando  F.L.  Jackson

Jackson, Jerlando F.L.

Professor, educational leadership and policy analysis; director, Wisconsin's Equity and Inclusion Laboratory

Expert on higher education administration and policy