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Environmental studies

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High-resolution photo of Steve  Ackerman

Ackerman, Steve

Professor, atmospheric and oceanic sciences; director, Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies

Expert on satellite meteorology and climatology, weather, atmospheric optics

High-resolution photo of Timothy   Allen

Allen, Timothy

Professor, botany

Biological theorist of complexity working in ecological economics

This expert does not have a headshot on file

Anderson, Henry

Adjunct professor, population health; chief medical officer, Wisconsin Division of Public Health

Expert on environmental and occupational disease (dusts and chemicals), public health, epidemiology, disease and exposure surveillance

High-resolution photo of Anders W. Andren

Andren, Anders W.

Professor, environmental chemistry and technology, emeritus status pending (July 2012)

Expert on environmental chemistry, water pollution and remediation, particularly in the Great Lakes.

High-resolution photo of Jean M. Bahr

Bahr, Jean M.

Professor, geology and geophysics

Expert on hydrogeology (groundwater)

High-resolution photo of Ian  Baird

Baird, Ian

Assistant professor, geography

Expert on Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Hmong, Southeast Asia, environmental policy, natural resource management, hydroelectric dams, land concessions, political ecology

High-resolution photo of Charles R. Bentley

Bentley, Charles R.

Professor emeritus, geology and geophysics; director, ice coring and drilling services

Expert on Antarctica, glaciology, ice drilling

High-resolution photo of Tim   Campbell

Campbell, Tim

Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist, Wisconsin Sea Grant

Aquatic invasive species biology and prevention

High-resolution photo of Quentin J.  Carpenter

Carpenter, Quentin J.

Senior lecturer, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Expert in wetland flora and fauna

High-resolution photo of Steve  Carpenter

Carpenter, Steve

Professor, limnology

Expert on freshwater resources and ecosystem services

High-resolution photo of William  Cronon

Cronon, William

Professor, history, geography, environmental studies; director, Center for Culture, History and Environment

Expert on history of environment, conservation and environmentalism, U.S. West, frontier, public lands, Wisconsin

High-resolution photo of Cameron R. Currie

Currie, Cameron R.

Associate professor, bacteriology

Expert on microbial diversity, ecology and evolution

High-resolution photo of Ellen  Damschen

Damschen, Ellen

Assistant professor, zoology

Expert on terrestrial ecology, conservation biology and restoration ecology.

High-resolution photo of Samuel  Dennis Jr.

Dennis Jr., Samuel

Associate professor, landscape architecture

Expert on landscape architecture, community design, children's environments, nature play, and the built environment and health

High-resolution photo of Calvin B. DeWitt

DeWitt, Calvin B.

Professor, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Expert on land stewardship, purchased development rights, local government environmental policy, wetland ecology, environmental stewardship, faith-based stewardship

High-resolution photo of Sharon  Dunwoody

Dunwoody, Sharon

Professor, journalism and mass communication

Expert on public understanding of science, particularly the role of science, environment and health messages in mass media

High-resolution photo of Patrick  Eagan

Eagan, Patrick

Professor, engineering professional development, Fellow Office of sustainability,Chair Environment and Resources Program

Conceives, plans, conducts, evaluates professional education programs and conducts research on industrial/municipal environmental engineering, design, management and water resources

High-resolution photo of Tom  Eggert

Eggert, Tom

Senior Lecturer, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies; Exec Director, Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council

Expert on sustainability, corporate responsibility and environmental leadership programs. Also sustainability metrics development, sustainability reporting and microfinance.

High-resolution photo of Holly  Gibbs

Gibbs, Holly

Assistant professor, geography, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Expert on tropical land-use change, deforestation and carbon emissions

High-resolution photo of Tom  Givnish

Givnish, Tom

Professor, botany

Expert on ecology, evolutionary biology, molecular systematics, speciation, conservation, and Wisconsin plant diversity

High-resolution photo of Claudio  Gratton

Gratton, Claudio

Associate professor, entomology

Expert on arthropod food web ecology at the landscape scale

High-resolution photo of John M. Greenler

Greenler, John M.

Director of education and outreach, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

Expert in the broad aspects of bioenergy and biofuels, especially the sustainable production of ethanol from cellulosic materials

High-resolution photo of Ray  Guries

Guries, Ray

Professor, forest and wildlife ecology

Knowledgeable about conservation and management of forest resources, especially the management of forest genetic resources and tree breeding

High-resolution photo of David A. Hart

Hart, David A.

Senior Scientst, UW Sea Grant Institute

Expert on geospatial technologies, coastal management, and urban and regional planning

High-resolution photo of Alfred E. Hartemink

Hartemink, Alfred E.

Professor of Soil Science

Soil scientist

High-resolution photo of Thomas A. Heberlein

Heberlein, Thomas A.

Professor emeritus, community and environmental sociology

Expert on environmental attitudes, sociology of hunting, wolf restoration

High-resolution photo of Tracey  Holloway

Holloway, Tracey

Associate professor, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Expert on air pollution, energy and environment, climate change, environmental policy, environmental careers, sustainability science

High-resolution photo of Leah S. Horowitz

Horowitz, Leah S.

Assistant Professor, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and Department of Civil Society and Community Studies

Expert on grassroots and community-led engagements with environmental issues such as mining, biodiversity conservation, and climate change.

High-resolution photo of Sara  Hotchkiss

Hotchkiss, Sara

Assistant professor, botany

Paleoecology and history of vegetation

High-resolution photo of Evelyn  Howell

Howell, Evelyn

Professor and chair, landscape architecture

Design, restoration, management and conservation of Midwestern native plant communities

High-resolution photo of Shane  Hubbard

Hubbard, Shane

Research Scientist, Space Science and Engineering Center

Expertise: geospatial modeling of hazard events (floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes); damage and loss estimation from disasters; response decision making

High-resolution photo of James P.  Hurley

Hurley, James P.

Professor, civil and environmental engineering; director, UW Sea Grant; director, UW Water Resources Institute

Expert on mercury contamination in the environment, particularly in the Great Lakes, northern Wisconsin lakes and the Everglades.

High-resolution photo of Randall D. Jackson

Jackson, Randall D.

Associate professor, agronomy, agroecology program, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Expert on community and ecosystem ecology in grasslands managed for grazing and/or prairie

High-resolution photo of James F.  Kitchell

Kitchell, James F.

Professor, zoology

Expert on food webs and fisheries for inland lakes, Great Lakes and marine systems

High-resolution photo of Chris  Kucharik

Kucharik, Chris

Professor, agronomy and Nelson Institute Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment

Expert on agroecosystems, agroclimatology, soil carbon sequestration, ecological modeling, water resources, climate change, and extreme weather

High-resolution photo of John E. Kutzbach

Kutzbach, John E.

Professor Emeritus and Senior Scientist, Atmospheric, Oceanic and Environmental Sciences

Expert on climate and climate change.

High-resolution photo of Carrie A.M. Laboski

Laboski, Carrie A.M.

Associate professor, soil science and civil and environmental engineering

Expert on economically and environmentally sustainable soil fertility/nutrient management programs for field and forage crops

High-resolution photo of James  A. LaGro Jr.

LaGro Jr., James A.

Professor, urban and regional planning, Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Expert on urban planning and design, land use policy, and sustainably built environments

High-resolution photo of Richard C. Lathrop

Lathrop, Richard C.

UW-Madison honorary fellowships: Center for Limnology, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Experience with water quality, eutrophication, restoration and management of lakes; nonpoint pollution; and climate change impacts in Wisconsin

High-resolution photo of Carol  Lee

Lee, Carol

Associate professor, zoology; Center of Rapid Evolution; trainer in genetics

Research focuses on evolutionary and physiological mechanisms that enable organisms to invade new environments