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High-resolution photo of Todd R. Allen

Allen, Todd R.

Associate professor, engineering physics, materials science and engineering

Expert on nuclear engineering, material science and energy

High-resolution photo of James (Jake)  Blanchard

Blanchard, James (Jake)

Professor, engineering physics; chair, Energy Institute

Expert on fusion reactor technology, nuclear batteries, instructional technology

High-resolution photo of Glenn R. Bower

Bower, Glenn R.

Faculty associate, mechanical engineering

Expert on automotive powertrains, including hybrids and electrics, alternative fuels, engine emissions and vehicle testing

High-resolution photo of Michael  Corradini

Corradini, Michael

Professor, engineering physics; chair, Energy Institute

Nuclear engineer with research interests focused on thermal hydraulics and multiphase flow for nuclear safety

High-resolution photo of Timothy  Donohue

Donohue, Timothy

Professor, bacteriology; director, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

Expert on biofuels and bio-based renewable energy technologies

High-resolution photo of Robert J. Hamers

Hamers, Robert J.

Professor, chemistry; director, Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology

Expert on nanotechnology, sustainability, renewable energy environmental science, surface and interface science

High-resolution photo of Yehui  Han

Han, Yehui

Assistant professor, electrical and computer engineering

Expert on power electronics and renewable energy

High-resolution photo of Tracey  Holloway

Holloway, Tracey

Associate professor, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Expert on air pollution, energy and environment, climate change, environmental policy, environmental careers, sustainability science

High-resolution photo of Thomas W. Jeffries

Jeffries, Thomas W.

USDA professor, microbiology

Expert on bioconversion, biorefining, advanced cellulosic biofuels, unconventional yeasts, yeast physiology, metabolic engineering and bioprocess engineering

High-resolution photo of Chris  Kucharik

Kucharik, Chris

Professor, agronomy and Nelson Institute Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment

Expert on agroecosystems, agroclimatology, soil carbon sequestration, ecological modeling, water resources, climate change, and extreme weather

High-resolution photo of Gerald L. Kulcinski

Kulcinski, Gerald L.

Associate dean for research, engineering; director, Fusion Technology Institute

Expert on the design of magnetic/inertial fusion reactors, nuclear materials, space technology, and environmental effects of nuclear energy

High-resolution photo of Robert (Bob) D. Lorenz

Lorenz, Robert (Bob) D.

Professor, mechanical engineering; co-director, Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC)

Design and control of electrical motor drives: "E-Drives," used in hybrid vehicles

High-resolution photo of Dane  Morgan

Morgan, Dane

Associate professor, materials science and engineering

Expert on molecular modeling and simulation, primarily for energy technologies

High-resolution photo of Gregory  Nemet

Nemet, Gregory

Associate professor, La Follette School of Public Affairs and Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Greg's research looks at how to expand access to energy services while reducing environmental impacts.

High-resolution photo of Gary  Radloff

Radloff, Gary

Director, Midwest energy policy analysis, Wisconsin Bioenergy Initiative

Expert in energy policy, especially related to Midwest.

High-resolution photo of Douglas  Reindl

Reindl, Douglas

Professor, engineering professional development, mechanical engineering; director, Industrial Refrigeration Consortium

Expert in industrial refrigeration systems and building heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems

High-resolution photo of Douglas J. Reinemann

Reinemann, Douglas J.

Professor, biological systems engineering

Expert on rural energy, energy sustainability (renewable and bio-energy), milking, stray voltage

High-resolution photo of Rolf D. Reitz

Reitz, Rolf D.

Professor, mechanical engineering; director, Diesel Engine Research Consortium

Expert on diesel and gasoline engine performance and emissions, and spray technology

High-resolution photo of Troy  Runge

Runge, Troy

Assistant professor, biological systems engineering

Expert on biomass composition impact on thermochemical processing systems

High-resolution photo of Scott A. Sanford

Sanford, Scott A.

Senior outreach specialist, biological systems engineering

Expert on energy conservation for agricultural enterprises, renewable energy, biomass energy

High-resolution photo of Richard  Shaten

Shaten, Richard

Academic coordinator, energy analysis and policy program

Expert on the economic and environmental impact of energy systems

High-resolution photo of Rodney  Stevenson

Stevenson, Rodney

Professor, business, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Expert on public utility regulation and energy policy

High-resolution photo of Giri  Venkataramanan

Venkataramanan, Giri

Professor, electrical and computer engineering

Expert on electric power applications in homes, business, industry and transportation with specific interest in improving sustainable energy use

High-resolution photo of Xudong  Wang

Wang, Xudong

Assistant professor, materials science and engineering

Expert on nanomaterial synthesis and characterization, piezoelectric nanostructures, semiconductor nanodevices, nanoelectronics, nanosensors, renewable energy

High-resolution photo of Paul P.H. Wilson

Wilson, Paul P.H.

Professor, engineering physics

Expert on sustainable nuclear energy, energy policy, radiation transport in nuclear systems

High-resolution photo of Martin T. Zanni

Zanni, Martin T.

Meloche-Bascom Professor of Chemistry

Specializes in developing and employing novel spectroscopies to study topics in biophysics and the energy sciences.