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High-resolution photo of Eileen  Cullen

Cullen, Eileen

Associate professor and extension specialist, entomology

Expert on integrated pest management, field and forage crops, conventional and organic agriculture

High-resolution photo of Cameron R. Currie

Currie, Cameron R.

Associate professor, bacteriology

Expert on microbial diversity, ecology and evolution

High-resolution photo of Claudio  Gratton

Gratton, Claudio

Associate professor, entomology

Expert on arthropod food web ecology at the landscape scale

High-resolution photo of Robert L. Jeanne

Jeanne, Robert L.

Professor emeritus, entomology

Expert on social insect behavior and ecology, especially paper wasps, yellow jackets and hornets

High-resolution photo of Patrick J. Liesch

Liesch, Patrick J.

Assistant faculty associate, entomology

Expert on insect identification and biology

High-resolution photo of Richard  Lindroth

Lindroth, Richard

Professor, entomology; adjunct professor, zoology

Expertise in ecological effects of climate change, insect pests of deciduous forests, general ecology

High-resolution photo of Phillip  Pellitteri

Pellitteri, Phillip

Faculty associate, entomology

Expert in insect identification and insect and tick biology

High-resolution photo of Sean D. Schoville

Schoville, Sean D.

Assistant professor, entomology

Expert on evolutionary effects of global change, genetic adaptation to the environment, alpine biodiversity

High-resolution photo of Philip A. Townsend

Townsend, Philip A.

Associate professor, forest ecology

Expert on satellite remote sensing, forest ecosystem dynamics and watershed processes

High-resolution photo of R. Chris  Williamson

Williamson, R. Chris

Professor, turfgrass and ornamental specialist/entomology

Expert on insect pests of turfgrass and ornamental plants, including invasive insect species.


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