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High-resolution photo of Severino J. Albuquerque

Albuquerque, Severino J.

Professor, Portuguese; director, Brazil Initiative

Expert on Brazilian literature and culture

High-resolution photo of Thomas  Friedrich

Friedrich, Thomas

Assistant professor, pathobiological sciences; virology services unit head, Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

Expert on immunity to viruses, designing and testing vaccines against influenza and AIDS

High-resolution photo of Jenny A. Higgins

Higgins, Jenny A.

Assistant professor, gender and women's studies

Expert on reproductive and sexual health

High-resolution photo of James M. Sosman

Sosman, James M.

Associate professor, medicine; associate director, HIV Care Program

Expert on HIV clinical care

High-resolution photo of Ryan  P. Westergaard

Westergaard, Ryan P.

Assistant professor, Medicine & Population Health Sciences

Expert on intersection of substance abuse and infectious disease