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University of Wisconsin–Madison
Andrew Peck

Andrew Peck

Expert on media and everyday life

Ph.D. candidate, communication arts Work: 763-447-1262 Home page


  • Social media
  • Digital communication
  • Jokes, play, and humor theory
  • Digital folklore (with a focus on urban legends, including Creepy Pasta and the Slender Man)
  • Internet memes


  • Editorial Assistant, Western Folklore (Academic Journal), 2010-2013
  • Lecturer, Communication Arts 200, "Introduction to Digital Communication"
  • Lecturer, Communication Arts 522, "Digitally Documenting Everyday Communication"
  • Author, “A Laugh Riot: Photoshopping as Vernacular Discursive Practice.” International Journal of Communication. (Forthcoming)
  • Author, “Tall, Dark, and Loathsome: The Development of a Legend Cycle in the Digital Age.” Journal of American Folklore. (Forthcoming)