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Christine Whelan

Expert on how we try to buy happiness, find meaning & seek success. Purpose, thriving, wellness & well-being for Millennials, Gen Z, men/women, couples, families.

Clinical professor, consumer science, School of Human Ecology School of Human Ecology Work: 608-262-7794 — Home and cell phones available upon request Home page Twitter: @christinewhelan


  • Can you buy happiness? Yes, it you know how to spend your money right. Research-based tips to use your limited resources to maximize joy.
  • "Purpose" and "Wellness" are corporate buzzwords these days. Are companies practicing what they preach? How can organizations help employees to live and work purposefully?
  • Nearly 60% of adults say they are existing, not thriving. What is the good life? What research-based concrete steps can you take toward living it?
  • From psychedelics to extreme fitness, pushing the limits on wellness is big business. How can you seek safely? Is money corrupting these spiritual quests?
  • The self-help industry is a $13 billion market. What are we buying? What advice works and what doesn't in this booming self-improvement market?


  • Director of the Money, Relationships and Equality Initiative, offering research and tools to ask and answer questions of finance and romance at all ages
  • Author of 5 books, including: "The Big Picture: A Guide to Finding Your Purpose in Life" (2016) "Seven Steps to Self-Control" (2012) "Generation WTF" (2011)
  • TEDx speaker "Authentic Purpose: A Roadmap" and "Life on Purpose: Three Questions Only You Can Answer"
  • Teaches Consuming Happiness, about managing the marketplace and our well-being, Finance & Families, and EcoYou: Belonging, Purpose and the Ecology of Human Happiness
  • Widely quoted and published in major national publications, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, plus frequent TV and radio commentator.