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David S. Schwartz

David S. Schwartz

Expert on U.S. Constitutional Law and history, and the constitutional implications of American politics; procedural and evidence law

Foley & Lardner-Bascom Professor of Law Law School Work: 608-262-8150 — Home and cell phones available upon request Home page


  • How have race and slavery affected U.S. constitutional politics and constitutional law?
  • Is it constitutional for Congress to offer affordable healthcare to the American people, or to take steps to control economic inequality? Answer: yes!
  • Did the Constitution intend to limit the powers of Congress by guaranteeing "states' rights"?
  • Can a president be impeached for corruption, malfeasance, or improprieties that may or may not violate criminal laws?
  • Is the Constitution supposed to be interpreted according to the understandings of the founders, or is it instead a "living document"?


  • Author of "The Spirit of the Constitution: John Marshall and the 200-Year Odyssey of McCulloch v. Maryland" (2019), examining the history of constitutional powers.
  • Co-author of two legal textbooks, on Constitutional Law and Evidence Law.
  • Two-time winner of UW Law School Classroom Teacher of the Year award.
  • Recipient of 2018 Sheldon B. Lubar Distinguished Research Chair in Law.
  • Author of over 30 publications in legal journals.