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Douglas McLeod

Expert on media coverage of social protest, media effects on public opinion, and strategy communication campaigns.

Evjue Centenniel Professor College of Letters and Science School of Journalism and Mass Communications Work: 608-556-5413 — Home and cell phones available upon request Home page Twitter: @Douglas M McLeod


  • How do mass media cover social protest and what impact does this coverage have on the audience, public opinion and social institutions?
  • How has the evaluation of the U.S. media system impacted the dynamics of social conflicts?
  • What are the common patterns by which news stories are constructed and how do they affect the audience members for these messages?
  • How have the characteristics of advertising changed over time and how have these changed affected consumers and American society?


  • Elected as a Fellow of the International Communication Association
  • Co-author of the book, Covering Big Brother: News Frames and National Security published by Cambridge University Press.
  • Published more than 100 journal articles and book chapters.
  • Founded the Certificate in Sports Communication at the UW-Madison