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Jaime Luque

Jaime Luque

Expert on financial, public, urban and and political economics

Assistant professor, real estate and urban land economics Wisconsin School of Business Work: 608-265-5322 Home page


  • Financial economics: collateral, leverage, real estate, repo markets, FX swap markets, market microstructure, bubbles, Ponzi schmes.
  • Public and urban economics: tiebout economies, local public goods, immigration.
  • Political economy: institutional design, fiscal unions, monetary unions, the Eurozone.


  • Author, "Securities Market Theory: Possession, Repo and Rehypothecation," (with Jean-Marc Bottazzi and Mario Pascoa), Journal of Economic Theory (2012)
  • Author, "Heterogeneous Tiebout Communities with Private Production and Anonymous Crowding," Regional Science and Urban Economics, (accepted for publication) (2012)
  • Author, "Dollar Shortage, Central Bank Actions, and the Cross Currency Basis (with Jean-Marc Bottazzi, Mario Pascoa, and Suresh Sundaresan), Available at SSRN.
  • Author, "A Volatility-based Theory of Fiscal Union Desirability," (with Massimo Morelli and José Tavares), Available at SSRN. See also previous version: CEPR Discussion Paper