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Julie Stamm

Expert on the consequences of repetitive head impacts and concussions in children through contact sports. Also CTE, concussion management and education, anatomy, neuroanatomy, clinical reasoning.

Clinical Assistant Professor, Kinesiology School of Education — Home and cell phones available upon request Home page Twitter: @JulieStammPhD


  • Consequences of repeated head impacts to a child’s developing brain through youth contact sports, including football, hockey, and soccer
  • Consequences of concussions occurring in the developing brain of a child
  • Chronic traumatic encephalopathy and other consequences of experiencing repeated head impacts through both childhood, adolescence and/or adulthood
  • Concussion management and pressures on clinicians to return athletes to play before they are ready
  • Human anatomy and neuroanatomy, including anatomy education and preparing pre-health students to use their clinical reasoning skills to apply anatomy in their future


  • Author of "The Brain on Youth Sports: The Science, the Myths, and the Future"
  • First to publish on the long-term consequences of experiencing repeated brain trauma through youth contact sports.
  • Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Predoctoral Fellowship, NIH, NINDS
  • 2015 Clint Thompson Award for Clinical Practice Advancement, Journal of Athletic Training, National Athletic Trainers’ Association