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Karen Smith

Karen Smith

Expert in processing of dairy ingredients. Areas include whey, milk protein concentrates, membrane systems, dryers and evaporators

Researcher, Center for Dairy Research College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Work: 608-265-9605 — Home and cell phones available upon request


  • Processing of whey into products such as whey protein concentrates, lactose and permeate.
  • Use of membrane systems in production of high protein dairy products such as milk protein concentrates and whey protein concentrates
  • How dairy equipment such as pasteurizers, evaporators, dryers, etc are used to produce dairy products and ingredients.


  • Published Dry Dairy Ingredients Handbook. It is a description of how ingredients are made from milk and whey.
  • Published easy to understand handouts explaining production of cheese, yogurt, fluid milk and whey ingredients
  • Published Dust Fires and Explosions Handbook. Explains risks in handling dairy powders and how to mitigate hazards.
  • Published Annatto and Color Removal Handbook. Explains how color is added to cheese and removed from whey.