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Leah Horowitz

Leah Horowitz

Expert on grassroots, particularly Indigenous-led, engagements with industrial expansion.

Assistant Professor, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and Department of Civil Society and Community Studies Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies Work: 608-890-3803 Home page


  • Field sites: New Caledonia, New Jersey, the U.S. Midwest
  • Relationships between different activist groups, e.g. Indigenous and non- Indigenous
  • Climate change
  • Intra-community conflict around environmental issues
  • Environmental activism


  • Co-edited, with Michael Watts of UC Berkeley, Grassroots Environmental Governance: Community Engagements with Industry (2017).
  • Co-investigator, “Knowledge Network on Mining Encounters and Indigenous Sustainable Livelihoods: Cross-Perspectives from the Circumpolar North and Melanesia/Australia,” (SSHRC grant for $2,500,000; 2016-2022)