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Manos Mavrikakis

Manos Mavrikakis

Expert in Chemical Engineering, Catalysis, Sensors, Energy Conversion, Molecular Simulations, Nanotechnology

Professor/Chemical and Biological Engineering College of Engineering Work: 608-262-9053 — Home and cell phones available upon request Home page Twitter: @manosmavrikakis


  • Catalysts accelerate chemical reactions, making them run with lower energy needs. We design improved catalysts using quantum mechanics and massively parallel computing
  • Sensors are devices that alert us to the existence of harmful substances in our environment. We design faster-responding and more selective sensors.
  • Starting from fundamental laws of physics, large scale molecular simulations help us understand how molecules react between themselves and with catalytic surfaces.


  • Published nearly 300 research publications, cited more than 40,000 times total
  • Received four National Awards till 2023 (American Chemical Society, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, North American Catalysis Society)
  • Designed better and cheaper catalysts for fuel cells