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Markus Brauer

Expert in human social behavior, especially in questions related to diversity/discrimination/inclusion, effective group work, sustainability, and interventions to change behavior

Professor, psychology College of Letters and Science Wisconsin School of Business Work: 608-890-3313 Home page Twitter: @brauerlab1


  • Diversity/discrimination: Diversity training, interventions aimed at reducing prejudice and discrimination (schools, companies, public institutions)
  • Reduction of uncivil behaviors: Interventions aimed at reducing uncivil behaviors in public settings, workshops for elected officials and civil servants
  • Interventions aimed at getting people to adopt desirable behaviors, such as recycling more, using more public transportation, driving less aggressively, etc.
  • Effective group work: Consulting/workshops aimed at helping members of work teams to work together more effectively and to make better decisions.
  • Management/leadership: Consulting/workshops on effective leadership and on how to motivate employees. Cultural differences in leadership.
  • Data analysis: Workshops on a variety of data analysis techniques related to the General Linear Model (regression, structural equation modeling, multilevel analysis, etc.)


  • Member, Society for Experimental Social Psychology, Association for Psychological Science, European Association of Social Psychology
  • Member of editorial board of the four scientific journals in social psychology with the highest impact factor (JPSP, PSPB, JESP, EJSP)
  • Director of the "Laboratoire de Psychologie Sociale et Cognitive", a French research institute associated with the CNRS, the French counterpart to the National Science Foundation
  • Recipient of numerous government-funded research grants
  • Author and co-author of more than 90 scientific research articles and chapters