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Pamela McGranahan

Pamela McGranahan

Three decades of nursing experience in public health, racial disparities, infant mortality, trauma-informed care, and the impact of childhood adversity and trauma on lifelong health

Associate Clinical Professor / DNP Program Director School of Nursing Work: 608-263-5337 — Home and cell phones available upon request


  • The role of nurses in recognizing health risks, preventing disease, expanding access to care, and promoting health and wellness in community settings
  • How trauma, in childhood or adulthood, affects lifelong physical and mental health, and how provider awareness of trauma can improve care quality and patient outcomes
  • How adverse childhood experiences (neglect, abuse and family dysfunction) and poor social and community support networks compromises mental and physical health
  • Childhood adversity can alter brain development, leading to unhealthy relationships and increased risk-taking behavior, (e.g. self harm, early and unhealthy sexual activity, and substance abuse)
  • How the field of epigenetics provides the link between how the circumstances of our lives (e.g. racism, poverty, education) affect our physical and mental health