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R. Bradley Pierce

R. Bradley Pierce

Expert on global air quality forecasting and chemical data assimilation

Director, UW-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center Work: 608-890-1892 — Home and cell phones available upon request Home page


  • Developing NOAA aerosol forecasting and data assimilation capabilities within the GOES-R Algorithm Working Group, Risk Reduction, and Proving Ground programs
  • Lagrangian studies coupling meteorological analyses, satellite and aircraft data to characterize the morphology of ozone photochemistry and mixing processes.
  • Global- to regional-scale meteorological and chemical models for assimilating satellite observations of atmospheric chemical composition and predicting global air quality


  • 2003 NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal for outstanding contributions to the development of innovative techniques which enhance the scientific interpretation of airborne measurements of atmospheric constituents
  • 2005 NASA Group Achievement Award in recognition of exceptional achievement in developing the highly successful air quality, aviation weather, and energy management applications for the
  • 2016 NOAA Administrator’s Award for providing robust, real-time, simulated data of the next generation geostationary satellite imagers, reducing risk in post-launch operations.