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Richard Lathrop

Richard Lathrop

Experience with water quality, eutrophication, restoration and management of lakes; nonpoint pollution; and climate change impacts in Wisconsin

UW-Madison honorary fellowships: Center for Limnology, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies College of Letters and Science Work: 608-261-7593 Home page


  • Lake eutrophication and algae blooms (especially Madison lakes)
  • Lake restoration and management
  • Climate change impacts in Wisconsin


  • Technical Excellence Award for Outstanding Research in Lake Restoration, Protection and Management, North American Lake Management Society, 2008
  • Lathrop, R.C. 2007. "Perspectives on the eutrophication of the Yahara lakes." Lake and Reserv. Manage. 23:345-365.
  • Governor’s Commendation for Career Achievements in Public Service to the State of Wisconsin, 2005
  • Dane County Waters Champion, 2004
  • Member, North American Lake Management Society, International Society of Limnology