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Vladimir Zhdankin

Pronouns: he/him/his
Journalists: Please use these pronouns when appropriate.

Expert in theoretical and computational physics, with research focus on plasma physics, high-energy astrophysics, space physics, turbulence, and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics

Assistant professor, physics College of Letters and Science — Home and cell phones available upon request Home page


  • I studied models of accretion flows onto astrophysical black holes, including aspects of turbulence, plasma microphysics, magnetic fields, and emission; relevant for Event Horizon Telescope
  • I performed and analyzed massively parallel particle-in-cell simulations of plasma processes (such as turbulence) on national supercomputers
  • I studied the process of nonthermal particle acceleration in astrophysical plasmas, which is responsible for high-energy cosmic rays and radiation detected at Earth
  • I studied mathematical aspects of entropy production in collisionless plasmas, which has been a long time mystery at the forefront of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics
  • I studied plasma physics in extreme relativistic regimes, where particles travel close to the speed of light, relevant for laser experiments and high-energy astrophysical systems