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Audrey Gasch

Expert on comparative and functional genomics, systems biology, microbial physiology and evolution, eukaryotic stress-defense mechanisms.

Associate professor, Genetics College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Work: 608-265-0859 Home page


  • Signal transduction: using genomic techniques to understand the eukaryotic regulatory systems that coordinate responses to environmental stress.
  • Biofuels: using genomic and systems biology techniques to engineer microbes for cellulosic production of fuels and products.
  • Comparative genomics: comparing whole-genome sequences across fungi.
  • Evolution: exploring natural variation in stress sensitivity and gene expression within and between yeast species.
  • Elementary outreach: teaching and performing inquiry-based science aimed at kids and teachers.


  • CALS Pound Research Award, 2014
  • NSF CAREER award, 2005-10
  • Beckman Young Investigator, 2004-07