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Robert Howard

Robert Howard

Expert on Internet communication and contemporary religious belief

Director, Digital Studies Initiative; associate director, Folklore Program; associate professor of communication College of Letters and Science Work: 608-262-2605 — Home and cell phones available upon request Home page


  • Social impacts of Internet use
  • Contemporary Christian fundamentalism
  • Apocalyptic or "end times" religious belief
  • Online folklore
  • Alternative online media


  • Author, "Digital Jesus: The Making of a New Christian Fundamentalist Community on the Internet"
  • Author, "Network Apocalypse: Visions of the End in an Age of Network Media"
  • Author, "Nature Moms vs. 'Big Pharma': Vernacular Authority in Online Medical Forums"
  • Author, "The Vernacular Web of Participatory Media"
  • Author, "Crusading on the Vernacular Web: The Folk Beliefs and Practices of Online Spiritual Warfare"