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These experts from the UW-Madison faculty and staff have agreed to comment on breaking news, ongoing developments and trends in their areas of expertise. If you need help arranging interviews, contact University Communications at 608-262-3571.

Experts on today’s news…

High-resolution photo of Sanjay S. Limaye

New habitable exoplanet

Sanjay S. Limaye

Senior scientist, Space Science and Engineering Center

Limaye can talk about the discovery of a candidate planet found in orbit of the Sun's closest neighbor, dwarf star Proxima Centauri, which scientists say could potentially be habitable.

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High-resolution photo of Peter C. Carstensen

EpiPen rising cost

Peter C. Carstensen

Professor, law

Peter C. Carstensen, an expert on competition law and policy, can comment on the rising cost of the EpiPen, which has gone from about $57 a shot in 2007 to more than $600 for two auto-injectors.

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High-resolution photo of Clifford  Thurber

Italy earthquake

Clifford Thurber

Professor and chair, geoscience

Clifford Thurber, an expert on earthquakes and fault zones, can comment on the 6.2-magnitude earthquake that hit central Italy Wednesday, killing at least 63 people.

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