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These experts from the UW-Madison faculty and staff have agreed to comment on breaking news, ongoing developments and trends in their areas of expertise. If you need help arranging interviews, contact University Communications at 608-262-3571.

Experts on today’s news…

High-resolution photo of Adrian  Treves

Milwaukee and Zimbabwe lions

Adrian Treves

Associate professor, environmental studies

Adrian Treves is an expert on the coexistence and conflicts between people and wildlife. He and his graduate student, Omar Rojas, can discuss the possibility of a mountain lion roaming the city of Milwaukee as well as the recent hunting death of a 13-year-old African lion in Zimbabwe. Josh Garoon is also an expert on poaching in Zimbabwe and can disuss Cecil the African lion's death.

Kurt Sladky and Tim Van Deelen can discuss the purported mountain lion sightings in Milwaukee.

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High-resolution photo of Susan M. Paskewitz

Lone Star Tick

Susan M. Paskewitz

Professor, entomology

Paskewitz, an expert on tick populations in Wisconsin, can discuss the exotic tick appearing in at least half a dozen Wisconsin counties.

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High-resolution photo of Masatoshi  Suzuki

STem cells and ALS

Masatoshi Suzuki

Assistant professor, comparative biosciences

Suzuki, an expert on stem cell applications for developmental modeling and cell therapy against brain disorders, can discuss his transplantation of human stem cells in an experiment that improved survival and muscle function in rats used to model ALS, a nerve disease that destroys nerve control of muscles, causing death by respiratory failure.

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