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These experts from the UW-Madison faculty and staff have agreed to comment on breaking news, ongoing developments and trends in their areas of expertise. If you need help arranging interviews, contact University Communications at 608-262-3571.

Experts on today’s news…

High-resolution photo of David H. O'Connor

CDC confirms Zika virus-birth defect connection

David H. O'Connor

Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Associate Director, Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

David O'Connor, who is conducting research on Zika virus infection in nonhuman primates at UW–Madison, can discuss news from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirming a connection between the virus and a serious birth defect called microcephaly. Other available Zika experts include: Matthew Aliota and Jorge Osorio, researchers studying Zika virus in Colombia and working on ways to thwart the spread of the virus via mosquitoes; Katie Antony and Ted Golos, who can discuss the risks of Zika virus to pregnant women and developing fetuses; and Nasia Safdar, who can talk about Zika as an infectious disease.

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High-resolution photo of Miriam  Seifter

Supreme Court nomination

Miriam Seifter

Assistant professor, law

Miriam Seifter, an expert on the Supreme Court and former Merrick Garland law clerk, can discuss legal issues related to Garland's nomination.

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High-resolution photo of Barry  C. Burden

April 5 primary

Barry C. Burden

Professor, political science

Barry C. Burden, professor of political science, can comment on the April 5 primary. Burden founded the Elections Resource Center where a team of other experts are also available.

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