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These experts from the UW-Madison faculty and staff have agreed to comment on breaking news, ongoing developments and trends in their areas of expertise. If you need help arranging interviews, contact University Communications at 608-262-3571.

Experts on today’s news…

High-resolution photo of Richard  Shaten

Falling gas prices

Richard Shaten

Academic coordinator, energy analysis and policy program

Richard Shaten, an expert on energy analysis and policy, can comment on the continued drop in gas prices, which have fallen to their lowest prices in 12 years.

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High-resolution photo of Peter  Timbie

LIGO Announcement

Peter Timbie

Professor, physics

Rumor has it, a highly-sensitive, specialized detector - LIGO - has seen two black holes merge together, casting powerful gravitational waves, or ripples, through space. The observatory is expected to make an announcement Thursday. Timbie, an expert in making precise measurements of the early universe using radio astronomy techniques, and in efforts to detect gravitational waves from the Big Bang, is available to talk about it. Sebastian Heinz, an expert on high-energy astrophysics and phenomena like black holes, is also available and says it "promises to be an amazing result."

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High-resolution photo of Barry  C. Burden

Democratic debates

Barry C. Burden

Professor, political science

Barry C. Burden, professor of political science, can comment on Thursday's Democratic debates at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Burden founded the Elections Resource Center where a team of other experts are also available.

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