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Adrian Treves

Coexistence between people and wildlife worldwide, especially wolves, bears and big cats. Constitutional and public trust protections for the environment.

Professor of environmental studies Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies Work: 608-890-1450 Home page Twitter: @adrianxtreves


  • Coexistence strategies for people and wildlife, including non-lethal and lethal methods for predator control
  • Behavioral ecology of carnivores and humans
  • Public attitudes toward wolves and wolf policy in Wisconsin; coexistence with big cats, bears, and other large carnivores on several continents
  • Public trust and constitutional protections for the environment
  • Open science, reproducibility, transparency, replication, independent review, and reform of wildlife sciences towards higher standards of evidence; randomized, controlled trials for predator control


  • Clements Award for Outstanding Research and Education
  • Scientific Advisor, French Ministry of Environment and the Toepfer Academy for Nature Conservation, Ministry of Environment, Lower Saxony, Germany
  • Honored Instructor, selected by students 5 times
  • Award for Best monitoring & evaluation methods, Rainforest Alliance Eco-Index