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Michael Notaro

Michael Notaro

Expertise: regional climate modeling, climate education, Great Lakes climate change, land-atmosphere interactions, lake-effect snow, ecological impacts of climate change, dust storms

Director and Scientist III, Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies Work: 608-261-1503 Home page


  • Climate education: K-12, youth citizen science, autism STEM education, GLOBE
  • Regional climate modeling: focus on Great Lakes, lake-effect snow, lake-atmosphere interactions
  • Land-atmosphere interactions: vegetation/soil-atmosphere feedbacks
  • Wisconsin climate change projections


  • Diversity-equity-inclusivity focus: summer STEM camp for autistic middle and high school students
  • Generation and analysis of high resolution climate change projections for the Midwest and Great Lakes region, incorporating complex lake-atmosphere interactions
  • Study of the mechanisms of climate variability related to ocean and land forcings, such as sub-Saharan African hydrological variability
  • Modeling, observational analyses, projections, and data collection related to lake-effect snowstorms