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Michael Notaro

Michael Notaro

Expert on climate change and its impact on vegetation, vegetation-climate interactions, regional-global climate modeling, Great Lakes and lake-effect snow

Associate scientist and associate director, Center for Climatic Research Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies Work: 608-261-1503 Home page


  • Impact of climate change on ecosystems of the Southwest United States and Wisconsin
  • Vegetation feedbacks to climate
  • Regional climate modeling: Great Lakes water levels and lake-effect snow
  • Wisconsin climate change


  • Direct weekly group meetings on vegetation-climate interactions and regional climate modeling/Great Lakes
  • Member, Climate Working Group, Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts
  • Developer, 9-part WICCI climate change seminar series for Wisconsin Public Television
  • Funded by NOAA, DOE, USDA, EPA, CPEP, King Saud University