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Tag American Indian

Alexandra  Adams

Alexandra Adams

Associate professor, family medicine; director, Collaborative Center for Health Equity

Expert on pediatric obesity, American Indian health and nutrition issues

Clifton  Conrad

Clifton Conrad

Professor, educational leadership and policy analysis

Higher education expert on equal educational opportunity and curriculum (student learning) at both the undergraduate and graduate levels

Richard Monette

Richard Monette

Professor, law; director, Great Lakes Indian Law Center

Expert on Native Americans, American Indians, tribes, first nations and U.S. law

Miranda Johnson

Miranda Johnson

Assistant professor, history, American Indian studies

Expert on indigenous issues, especially in Australia, Canada and New Zealand

Leslie Eisenberg

Leslie Eisenberg

Honorary fellow, Anthropology; Archaeologist, Wisconsin Historical Society

Expert on prehistoric archaeology, bioarchaeology, paleopathology, forensic anthropology, trauma reconstruction, mass disasters