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Tag theater

Joseph Varga

Professor emeritus; resident set designer, theatre and drama

Expert on stage design

Robert Skloot

Robert Skloot

Professor emeritus, theatre and drama, and Jewish studies

Expert on the theater and the Holocaust and the arts and genocide; teacher; theater director and playwright

David Furumoto

Associate professor, theatre and drama; director, University Theatre

Expert on traditional Japanese theater and other Asian theater forms

Aparna  Dharwadker

Aparna Dharwadker

Professor, theatre and drama; professor, English

Expert on modern Indian literature and theater, post-colonial literature and theater, contemporary world theater, global Indian diaspora, comparative theater theory

Severino Albuquerque

Severino Albuquerque

Professor, Portuguese; director, Brazil Initiative

Expert on Brazilian literature and culture

Daniel Lisowski

Daniel Lisowski

Assistant professor, theatre and drama

Expert on entertainment automation technology, theatrical construction, and structural design for the stage

Shuxing Fan

Shuxing Fan

Assistant professor, scene Design, Theatre and Drama

25 years experience in theatrical scenic design, TV sets, themed events and entertainment set design, and fine art painting