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Tag health/medicine, veterinary

Cara Westmark

Cara Westmark

Assistant Professor, Neurology

Expert on Alzheimer's disease, fragile X syndrome and the study of dietary interventions in preclinical models

Paula Inzeo

Paula Inzeo

Mobilizing Action Toward Community Health (MATCH) Group Director

Paula’s areas of research and practice focus on topics of health equity and health equity capacity building, collective community action, power building, and health in

Laurie Larson

DVM; director, Canine Vaccines and ImmunoDiagnostics Service Laboratory

Expert in canine and feline clinical immunology, vaccines, and infectious diseases

Susannah Sample

Susannah Sample

Assistant Professor, Surgical Sciences

Expert in small animal general surgery, canine laryngeal paralysis and companion animal genetics

Sathish Kumar

Associate Professor, Comparative Biosciences

Expert on hormonal regulation of cardiovascular and placental function

Howard Steinberg

Clinical Professor/Pathobiological Sciences

Expert in veterinary anatomic pathology, both gross and microscopic

Becky Johnson

Becky Johnson

Clinical Associate Professor and Section Head, Anesthesia and Pain Management; Chair - SVM Animal Care and Use Committee

Expert in the fields of veterinary anesthesia and acute and chronic pain management

Kristen Friedrichs

Clinical Associate Professor of Clinical Pathology

Laboratory and cytologic diagnosis of animal disease, establishment of normal blood values in animal species, laboratory quality assurance

Heather White

Heather White

Associate Professor, Dairy Science; Faculty Director, UW Dairy Innovation Hub

Understanding nutrient partitioning to improve feed efficiency and metabolic health in dairy cows

Mary Thurber

Clinical Instructor, Zoological Medicine

Expert in zoological medicine

Kelly Schultz

Medical director and clinical instructor for WisCARES

Robert Kirchdoerfer

Assistant Professor, Biochemistry, Institute for Molecular Virology, Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology

Expert on coronavirus entry into host cells and replication of viral RNA genomes. Structural biology and molecular aspects of protein machines.

Mindi Thompson

Professor, Counseling Psychology

Vocational psychologist and licensed health service psychologist with expertise in social class, career development, unemployment, and mental health treatment

Mostafa Zamanian

Mostafa Zamanian

Assistant Professor, Pathobiological Sciences

Expert on parasitic diseases of humans and animals

Freya Mowat

Freya Mowat

Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Expert in vision in dogs, retinal disorders in dogs and comparative ophthalmology

Fei Zhao

Comparative Biosciences

Sex organ development