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Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller

Associate Director, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

Expert on regional food systems, including food transportation, labor and governance.

Steven Deller

Steven Deller

Professor and Community Development Specialist, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Economic growth and development with a focus on smaller more rural economics. Entrepreneurship, social capital, public finance.


Head of Marketing & Communications for Ebling Library; Curator of Rare Books & Special Collections

Public Historian/Librarian who recently installed an exhibition on WW1 & the Pandemic of 1918. Knowledgeable about national & UW experience with 1918 Pandemic.

Chris McCahill

Deputy Director, State Smart Transportation Institute

Expert in transportation engineering and urban planning. Focused on sustainable practices and data-driven policies.

Erica Turner

Erica Turner

Associate Professor

Expert on educational policy, racism & inequality in education, school district policy making and implementation, socio-political and economic contexts of public schools

Jennifer Van Os

Assistant Professor, Animal & Dairy Science; Extension Specialist, Animal Welfare

Understanding and improving the welfare (quality of life) of dairy cows and calves