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Mary Beth  Collins

Mary Beth Collins

Executive Director, UW-Madison Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies

Executive Director of the UW-Madison Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies. Experience as an Attorney, Nonprofit Professional, and Instructor.

Erika Marin-Spiotta

Professor, geography

Soil carbon; tropical forests; workplace climate; sexual harassment; bullying; diversity, equity and inclusion

Brian  McInnes

Brian McInnes

Civil Society and Community Studies

Expert on P-12 Indigenous Education policy and practice, world language immersion education, Indigenous environmental stewardship, and Ojibwe/Potawatomi languages and culture.

Vanessa Herald

Vanessa Herald

Senior Farm to Institution Outreach Specialist, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

Expert on linking local and regional foods with the cafeteria setting

Michael Childers

Michael Childers

Professor, Department of Labor Education

Expert specializing in labor unions, production standards, and labor/management relations in union environments.

Shawn  Robinson

Shawn Robinson

Senior Research Associate; Wisconsin's Equity & Inclusion Laboratory

Expert on language and literacy development for students with dyslexia in special education, and the intersection of race, dyslexia and giftedness.

Lorena Mancilla

Lorena Mancilla

Director of WIDA Early Years

Expert in family engagement, language development, multicultural education, and professional learning.

Lennon Rodgers

Lennon Rodgers

Director, Grainger Engineering Design Innovation Lab

Mindi Thompson

Professor, Counseling Psychology

Vocational psychologist and licensed health service psychologist with expertise in social class, career development, unemployment, and mental health treatment

Janis Tupesis

Janis Tupesis

Faculty, Emergency Medicine; Associate Director - UW Madison Global Health Institute

Works in the fields of global emergency care and global emergency health systems, with a focus on post-graduate medical education programs.

Erica Turner

Erica Turner

Associate Professor

Expert on educational policy, racism & inequality in education, school district policy making and implementation, socio-political and economic contexts of public schools

Franciska Coleman

Assistant Professor, Law School; Associate Director, East Asian Legal Studies Center

Expert on free speech implications of cancel-culture; police-community dialogues and legitimacy; self-governance implications of policing practices in poor communities; constitutional implications of a minority-majority society